New administrative features and more

Yesterday we released a ton of new features to make Waste Nothing easy for waste management agencies. Agencies can now sign up for an account – for free – just like everyone else, but will have access to tools just for them.

With the new tip editor for agencies, one can set up all the basic information for a community (i.e. what goes into garbage, recycling, requires special handling, etc.) in a couple of minutes. Agency staff or even the general public can then go ahead and start using it immediately.

There is also a new dashboard that agencies will see when they log in, which shows a summary of all their information, quick links to edit any of it, and automatic suggestions for making their community’s Waste Nothing experience even better.

Other improvements in the last little while include:

  • pictures of items – this makes it easier to find and identify items you look up
  • events – you can now add events such as clothing swap, hazardous waste collections, and bicycle repair clinics
  • easier to add tips that apply to multiple items
  • lots of design improvements, including easier-to-read search results
  • improvements for editing locations, location sets, and images
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