New categories: how to Get items, how to Repair items

So far Waste Nothing has been focused on how to get rid of unwanted items. Now when you go to add tips, you can also add tips in three new categories: rent and borrow, get second-hand, and repair and maintain.

Reducing waste cannot happen just by donating, composting, re-using, and other ways of ‘getting rid.’ To close the loop, it is important to generate less waste to begin with. And we can do that by keeping the products we have in good shape so that they last longer, renting or borrowing products that we don’t need very often, and buying second-hand goods instead of brand-new ones. Waste Nothing already had a reduce category which includes tips such as opting out of the yellow pages.

There aren’t many tips in these new categories yet, so for now Waste Nothing’s vocabulary will still be around getting rid of items, however that will change as new tips get added. Please share your favourite second-hand stores, repair tips, and more.

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2 Responses to New categories: how to Get items, how to Repair items

  1. My favourite way to get rid of items that I no longer need is through freecycle. This is a community of on-line users dedicated to keeping things out of landfill and living lightly on the earth. You can post an offer on the site and make arrangements for someone who wants the item to pick it up at a convenient time and place. If you are looking for an item, you can make a “wanted” post, and another member may just have what you need. Everything on the site is free.
    I’ve gotten rid of items large and small – some broken, some not. I’ve also received some wonderful items that I needed. Highly recommended.

  2. mfagan says:

    I agree, Freecycle is great. Freecycle (and similar groups) are easiest to find using something called the Recycling Group Finder, which I have listed here: Give away through a recycling group.

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