New: maps and category pages

There is so much great information on Waste Nothing, but until now, you’ve pretty much had to have something in mind to get rid of in order to see any of it.

We’ve launched some new features so that you can view and browse for great tips. Check out these new pages:

Nearby Locations
This shows a map of all locations near you. Recycling drop-off centres, places to donate various goods to, places that help you reduce waste, etc. If you live near Toronto, Ontario or Santa Cruz, California (for which we have good information) then the map is pretty neat and you’re sure to find some things near you that you didn’t know about before.
This shows current, upcoming, and past events near you. What sort of events? Special waste collection days, repair cafes, clothing swaps, donation drives, and more. Most events in Waste Nothing so far are for Toronto, Ontario, but you can help us out by adding more in your area.
Tip category pages
These new pages are Reduce, Repair, Upcycle, Reuse, Compost, and Recycle. They show a map to nearby locations (when applicable), and the latest tips in that category. They also show some random tips in that category to give an idea of what other ideas there are, and you’ll see different ones if you reload the page. Some other items which can be recycled, composted, etc. (depending on the category) are listed as well.

These new pages are all linked-to prominently from our home page.

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