Better tip guidelines

Actually, more like some tip guidelines. I’ve added a few short sentences to the Add a Tip page to help you write the tip, including noting how to add links and what information should be included. Thanks to all of you who have already contributed tips even with the lack of instructions :-).

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4 Responses to Better tip guidelines

  1. Robert Dodds says:

    Great job on the site. I use Kijiji for lots of things and there is a “Free Items” link that allows you to get rid of unused stuff that for the most part somebody out there will want. The site is free, though there are some pay options if you want to have your ad featured more prominently.

    I’ve seen everything from old tires to a new-but-no-longer-needed brassiere on Kijiji. Old wood scraps, tires with 30% of the tread left good for a summer, bike parts, lots of furniture, lots of appliances (working or not), patio stones…. All sorts of things.

    Bottom right hand corner. It’s also got lots of other cities in Ontario, that’s just the Toronto link.


  2. mfagan says:

    Yep, Kijiji is a great for a lot of Canadian cities. I’ve made sure to list it here: Sell or give away on online classifieds. Thanks.

  3. andree says:

    Couldn’t figure out how to enter it on the site (my id is Andree) Here is my fantastic tip.

    Put your stuff in your car and drive around on sat mornings (spring and fall are best) looking for garage sales. Ask if you can give it to the host for them to sell and keep the proceeds, only caveat is that you don’t want it back if it does not sell. WORKS LIKE A CHARM

  4. mfagan says:

    Hi Andree. Just look up the item you want (in this case, Durables), and click “add tip”

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