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We are looking for old phones to run a pilot project on increasing our 'down time' productivity. We will pick them up for you for free, exhaustively wipe all data, and re-purpose them. Phones that can't be sold will be recycled at a registered E-Waste recovery depot. Contact us to arrange.

Good Foot provides a personalized point-to-point delivery service on foot or via public transit as well as employment opportunities to people with developmental disabilities. Our business is a registered not-for-profit and our charitable arm is a registered charity. By supporting Good Foot you are supporting an environmentally-friendly delivery service and helping members of your community get a foothold on independence.

A lot of organizations will take your old phones, some even donating a portion of proceeds to charity and that's great. At Good Foot we take we ARE the social enterprise and charity. Not only is the revenue employing people with disabilities in a compelling way, but the work itself is being done to a high standard by people at Good Foot who do the job well. Dealing with customers through eBay, preparing for shipping and managing inventory are all jobs that appeal to many of our staff.

This applies to Cell phones.

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