Waste Nothing

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“Make the cut” and your hair will be used for a wig donated to a woman with cancer.

Your hair must be at least 8 inches (measured when straight), free of permanent colour, bleach or other chemical treatments. Vegetable dyes, semi-permanent dyes and rinses are acceptable, but “virgin” hair is preferred. No more than 5% gray.

To donate:

  1. Clean, shampoo and/or condition hair, without any styling, hairspray or additional hair products.
  2. Gather hair at the nape of the neck. Create a ponytail with an elastic band. Make sure the band is tight around the hair to keep the hair together after cutting. If it comes out of the band, it won’t be included in the donation. A second hair band can be placed around the middle of the ponytail to keep the hair together. Ensure that the elastic band is just below where you want to cut your hair.
  3. Cut the hair just above the elastic band so that the elastic band remains on the ponytail adter cutting and keeps cut hair together.
  4. Do not wash or style the ponytail in any way after it has been cut off.
  5. Place the ponytail, kept intact with the elastic band, in a zipper-lock bag and seal tightly. Please ensure that the ponytail is completely dry before sending.
  6. Mail to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, care of Archway Marketing Services (see contact information)

You can also organize a hair-cutting event to get many donations at once. See the hair-cutting event kit (PDF) for details.

This applies to Human hair.

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