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Was January 3 2014 to February 28 2014.

The City will haul away all tree branches from front yards and roadsides and will include those that have fallen on private property if they are less than 15 cm (six inches) in diameter and have been taken to the curb. Please neatly stack limbs/branches with butt ends towards the road for City pick-up. Place wood debris at the front edge of your property as close to the sidewalk or road as possible without blocking either.

See the map of what parts of the city are currently being serviced.

City crews will not collect large limbs (more than 15 cm or six inches in diameter) from private trees that have fallen on private property. Property owners should contact a private contractor for this. A City permit is not required to remove damaged or downed trees that are hazardous, however many trees can be saved with proper care and pruning.

For residents that live in the Asian long-horned beetle quarantine area in Etobicoke, do not take this wood out of the quarantine area.

This applies to Tree stumps and large branches.

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