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Paper made from sulfate pulp.

More specific: Brown paper bags and Packing paper.

Part of Compostables and Paper products.

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Use this as "brown" (carbon-rich) material in your composter. Make sure to shred it first or soak and then tear into small pieces. Paper has no nutrient value so be careful about adding too much paper to your compost at once.

Do not include paper with coloured ink, or glossy or coated paper. Make sure to remove elastics, staples, and for envelopes, the clear plastic windows. If the paper is in a pad affixed with glue, cut that part off.

See details on www.mastercomposter.com for paper, corrugated fiberboard (cardboard) and newspaper.

This applies to Shredded paper, Newspapers, Paper rolls, Cardboard, Writing paper, Computer paper, and Kraft paper.

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