Waste Nothing

Plastic ring carriers, when used for cans of beer or other alcohol.

Similar items: Alcohol cartons, Beer cans, Beer caps, Glass liquor bottles, Kegs, Plastic liquor bottles, Wine barrels, and Wine corks.

Drop off at The Beer Store

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Drop off at the nearest The Beer Store. Containers have a refund of 10¢ or 20¢ depending on the size. Containers smaller than 100mL are not accepted.

There is no need to remove labels. Returning containers will be faster if you sort like containers first and drop off during off-peak hours. If you have over 120 containers, it is best to phone ahead or take to one of the many bulk return locations.

Most glass beer bottles get reused. Other items are recycled; see Bag It Back for details about what gets recycled into what and The Beer Store Stewardship Report for detailed information about the return programs.

This applies to Beer cans, Glass liquor bottles, Beer caps, Alcohol cartons, Plastic liquor bottles, Kegs, and Plastic ring carriers for alcohol.

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Applies to Ontario.


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