Waste Nothing

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More specific: Candle wax.

Part of Household items.

Donate to Value Village / Savers

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See where to donate to find a nearby location.

Value Village (also called Savers) is a for-profit company that partners with different local non-profit organizations. Items collected are bought by Value Village with the money going to the non-profit.

This applies to Speakers and stereos, Hand tools, Toys, Linens, Board games and puzzles, Recorded audio and video, Music records, tapes, and CDs, Chest of drawers, VCRs, Jewellery, Arts and crafts items, Still cameras, Power tools, Dolls and stuffed toys, and Sports equipment.

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Last updated January 2, 2014.

Applies to Canada and United States.


  • candles
  • tea lights
  • wax candles