Waste Reduction Week and Trailer Trashed contest

This week is Waste Reduction Week across Canada, with many events listed. Since the purpose of this is to bring attention to an issue often forgotten (but never by Waste Nothing :-)), I thought it would be a good time to highlight Trailer Trashed. It’s a contest run by the Recycling Council of British Columbia to create a movie trailer, and this year’s theme is unrecycled beverage containers. The winners will be announced shortly, and the excellent videos are all available online.

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More Toronto waste-related events

Tomorrow, 11:30am The Clean Bin Project screening at the Planet in focus film festival. The Clean Bin Project film documents two partners competing to produce as little waste as possible in one year while examining waste issues in general. I will definitely be in attendance.

October 26 is the next waste2wonder Wednesday, which is a free giveaway of office furniture and supplies, extras that waste2wonder has collected as they help organizations find new homes for unwanted items.

And lastly, while not strictly waste-related, waste2wonder’s Elena is also running Eco Chase Day on October 22nd. A green-themed scavenger hunt across Toronto that should be lots of fun.

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Toronto Really Really Free Market this Saturday

The next Toronto Really Really Free Market is this Saturday (October 15), 10am-2pm at 16 Bancroft Avenue. That’s the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union, and it takes place on the second floor.

For those not familiar, a Really Really Free Market is exactly what it sounds like. Bring things you want to give away for free, and take things that others are giving away. At the end of the day, anything left will be taken to Goodwill.

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Better search results

Whatever you search for on Waste Nothing, we would like to find it. Unfortunately sometimes even if we have the item listed, you might not see it, especially if you searched for something very specific.

Starting today we have improved our search results to show items which match part of your search if no items match exactly. This means you will find items much more often, helping you get the information you need to reduce waste. Happy searching 🙂

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Waste Nothing interview on CBC Radio

If you were up early enough today (and in Toronto), you may have caught me on CBC. At 6:20am I spoke on Metro Morning to talk about Waste Nothing. They introduced the site by talking about how September is about to start, which means lots of students moving and thus cleaning house. I certainly agree with them, it’s a good time to de-clutter.

If you’re coming to the website for the first time after hearing about us on the radio, welcome! I hope you find it useful, and maybe even decide to contribute some tips.

You can listen to the interview on the Metro Morning website.

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The Toronto Fix-em-up Free Market

The Fix-em-up Free Market was a small room by Kensington Market in Toronto where you could (in their words) Drop off your stuff, Bring something to be fixed, Fix it yourself, or Take something. All free and they had a good set of equipment to do repairs. Run by the Tongue and Groove Collective, it was a great idea, using the space they had available from May to June 2011. It was a lot of fun, and I sincerely hope they find a new home soon and we can permanently include them on Waste Nothing. If you look closely at their farewell posting, you might spy me in a couple of photos.

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New categories: how to Get items, how to Repair items

So far Waste Nothing has been focused on how to get rid of unwanted items. Now when you go to add tips, you can also add tips in three new categories: rent and borrow, get second-hand, and repair and maintain.

Reducing waste cannot happen just by donating, composting, re-using, and other ways of ‘getting rid.’ To close the loop, it is important to generate less waste to begin with. And we can do that by keeping the products we have in good shape so that they last longer, renting or borrowing products that we don’t need very often, and buying second-hand goods instead of brand-new ones. Waste Nothing already had a reduce category which includes tips such as opting out of the yellow pages.

There aren’t many tips in these new categories yet, so for now Waste Nothing’s vocabulary will still be around getting rid of items, however that will change as new tips get added. Please share your favourite second-hand stores, repair tips, and more.

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Design improvements and more

I’ve cleaned up the overall layout of the website a bit, and it should be a bit easier on the eyes. I’ve also added the most recent blog posts to the home page, as well as some other small changes.

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Better tip guidelines

Actually, more like some tip guidelines. I’ve added a few short sentences to the Add a Tip page to help you write the tip, including noting how to add links and what information should be included. Thanks to all of you who have already contributed tips even with the lack of instructions :-).

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Welcome to the Waste Nothing Blog. Waste Nothing has been around for a month or so and it’s about time we had a good place to post news and other items of interest. The @wastenothing Twitter account will continue to be updated as well.

Eventually this blog will look like the rest of Waste Nothing and your comments will be tied to your Waste Nothing account.

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