Waste Nothing interview on CBC Radio

If you were up early enough today (and in Toronto), you may have caught me on CBC. At 6:20am I spoke on Metro Morning to talk about Waste Nothing. They introduced the site by talking about how September is about to start, which means lots of students moving and thus cleaning house. I certainly agree with them, it’s a good time to de-clutter.

If you’re coming to the website for the first time after hearing about us on the radio, welcome! I hope you find it useful, and maybe even decide to contribute some tips.

You can listen to the interview on the Metro Morning website.

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One Response to Waste Nothing interview on CBC Radio

  1. geekyn00b says:


    I found your site and blog through The Star’s ‘moneyville’ section –

    Trying to find a smaller apartment this month, and I think your site will help a lot with making this whole ‘downsizing’ thing a more responsible process (the language used for this stuff cracks me up – like donating 3/4 of my books is the same thing as a round of layoffs at my workplace… lol…).

    I hope you keep up the cool work. I’m looking forward to looking around and seeing what inventive ideas you’ve found. :)

    - peace

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