Waste Nothing

See Information for Waste Management Agencies for general information.

How much does it cost?

It is free to try out Waste Nothing by registering as a waste management agency and setting up your information. To get a local version of the website with its own address and other tweaks, there is an annual fee that depends on the size of your community; this is free for some schools.

There is a separate, one-time fee if you have us set up your information. This of course will depend on how much work is involved.

What can be customized?

A local version of Waste Nothing means a website that:

  • Is set to the location of your community, meaning that only tips that apply to your area will be shown.
  • Is located at an address of your choosing, such as your_community.wastenothing.ca, your-website.com, or waste-guide.your-community.com.
  • Displays your logo and/or title.
  • Is styled as you wish. Some fonts, colours, and other visual characteristics can be changed.
  • Sends feedback emails to you.
  • Provides a link back to your primary website from the footer of each page, as well as from the ‘About’ page.

You may want the website to match your existing website. While it will not look completely identical, it will be able to fit in with it very well. The widgets we provide allow for deeper integration.

How do I add or update information?

If you have not seen the two videos, and registered for an account, please do so first. After that, and your account has been verified, your Dashboard will guide you through adding and improving your information. You can also add, edit, and delete tips when looking up individual items, as long as you are logged in. All changes you make take effect as soon as you save them.

Sometimes you may need assistance; see the next question.

Can Waste Nothing add the information for me?

If you have a large amount of organized information, such as a list of many drop-off locations that each have a name, address, and phone number, we may be able to automate the data entry. Please send us a note and we will find a solution.

You might decide that you want Waste Nothing but do not have time to set it up. While most basic information can be set up in a few minutes, it will take longer to improve things further, such as by adding locations and pictures. One solution is to have volunteers or a local environmental group do the setup. Another is to have us do it, for an appropriate fee. Let us know and we can discuss it.

How long does it take to get Waste Nothing up and running?

That really depends. You can register now, and once verified, set up your basic information in minutes, and anyone can then use it immediately. A local version (with your web address, logo, and styles) can be ready in less than a week.

To improve your tips further will take as much time as you want to spend on it. During setup you will typically find that your existing information is not as precise or as comprehensive as Waste Nothing allows you to be. As a result you will probably end up providing much better information than you do today.

What places are using Waste Nothing?

By default, wastenothing.ca is set to Toronto, which has been set up as a demonstration. In this case, the project is unaffiliated with the city. We have worked with the City of Santa Cruz, California, to integrate their information. Additionally, basic recycling information for all of Ontario is available thanks to information published by Waste Diversion Ontario.

Additional cities are forthcoming. We’d love to have you join us.

Can private companies and not-for-profits use Waste Nothing?

Absolutely. We would love to have your contributions. If your organization buys or accepts or takes back one or several different types of items (e.g. oil or furniture or electronics), then you should register for a standard account and add your information.

If your organization accepts most items from everyone in some geographic region, then you should register as a waste management agency. If you are a community organization that wishes to use Waste Nothing on behalf of a local government, you can do that by registering for an agency account. Just make sure to set your username to the name of your organization, so that it is not mislabeled as being written by the official body. We would also recommend engaging with them directly on the project to get their support.

Can anyone add information?

One of the things which make Waste Nothing so useful is a feature which may sound a bit scary at first.

Information about municipal programs is complemented by great tips such as how to compost and reuse all sorts of items. These tips help to improve diversion, and make the website more informative and fun, which is what will keep people coming back again.

Additionally, it means that your department does not have to personally do all the research necessary to add all those tips. You can focus on specific instructions for composting in your community, and not worry about explaining which materials are rich in carbon versus nitrogen. On top of all that, charities which accept donations and similar organizations can add their own information. This ensures that it will be accurate and up-to-date and means that your department will not have to maintain it.

Every tip indicates the user who added it. No misinformation has been added so far. We take quality and accuracy very seriously, however, and monitor all new tips. Should the need arise, we have the power to quickly delete tips, suspend a user account, and even to suspend new tips or accounts entirely. In practice, Waste Nothing has wonderful contributions by those who have taken their time to share their knowledge of how to waste less, and we cannot thank them enough.

Who is behind Waste Nothing?
Waste Nothing was founded and continues to be run by Michael Fagan, and is located in Toronto, Canada.

Further Questions?

Type your message below to contact Waste Nothing. Make sure to include your email address or other contact information. You can also email us at mfagan@wastenothing.ca.