Waste Nothing

Waste Nothing is an online tool to help waste management agencies communicate with the public.

We combine your information about what goes where with drop-off locations, special collections, charities that accept donations, reuse ideas, and more. Then we put it all together in a customizable web application.

Waste Nothing is the cornerstone of your public engagement efforts.

Today you use calendars and posters, and maybe outdoor, television, radio, or newspaper ads, but they are all dead-ends. They can work smarter by all referring to the online tool for more information and additional resources.

Why? Because Waste Nothing…

  • Is always available
  • Is accessible from anywhere
  • Stays up-to-date
  • Can provide unlimited information
  • Includes interactive functionality not possible in print

This brief video shows some of how the public will use Waste Nothing.

How Does it Work?

This video shows how to register and try out Waste Nothing for free.

Within a day we’ll verify your account, giving you access to administrative features, so you can set up your information in minutes.

We’ll also contact you to discuss setting up a custom web address, logo, and styles.

Once you’re satisfied, go ahead and promote the website. We even offer an easy way to integrate it directly into your existing site.

Tell Me More

  • Requires no IT staff or resources
  • Without training, you can add and modify information at any time
  • Affordable even for small agencies
  • Works well on any computer, tablet, or phone
  • Excellent features include simple yet powerful searching, maps and directions, social media sharing, and more
  • Your community automatically starts off with tons of great content already in the system, such as what materials can be composted

See also our Frequently Asked Questions.

Further Questions?

Type your message below to contact Waste Nothing. Make sure to include your email address or other contact information. You can also email us at mfagan@wastenothing.ca.